At SmartBuy, we are committed to delivering the best of online shopping experience. However, in case we deliver to you the wrong item or the item is faulty, or even if you change your mind, SmartBuy Kenya would be happy to accept returns.


You may wish to return a product either because you have changed your mind, we delivered the wrong item, or the item is faulty.


Items that cannot be returned include;

  • CD’s (including game and memory devices USB, Memory cards)
  • Electronics unless under certain conditions
  • Personal care products
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics

“Return of these items are allowed if sent back with the delivery rider during the time of delivery (return on spot)


YES- (it is within 7 days of delivery) - SmartBuy Kenya would be happy to accept the items as long as it meets return conditions. If the item has a manufacturer’s warranty, and if you choose to, we can alternatively refer you directly to the relevant service center. Electronic and large appliances

  • Change of mind : item MUST BE SEALED, in original packaging, show no signs of usage and include all accessories (including free bundled offers)
  • Faulty products -Dead-on-arrival items; items which do not turn on at arrival (replace/refund possible)
  • Defective items; items which do not function as described in the seller’s specification (repair only) Items must be returned in original packaging and include all accessories.
  • Wrong items delivered; item must be in original packaging show on signs, and include all accessories (including free bundle offers)

NO- (it is more than 7 days from delivery) unfortunately we are NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT RETURNS more than 7 days from delivery. Electronics and other appliances that have a manufacturer’s warranty

  • Please contact the relevant service center directly to handle and warranty issues.
  • You can of course still contact us on ________________ or

WE DO NOT accept returns of such items more than 7 days from the date of delivery.


Give us a call at ___________ or send us an email at

  • SmartBuy Kenya will arrange pick-up or provide details on where you can drop the items off.
  • Upon arrival in our warehouse, we will conduct a quality check of the items to determine whether a return is valid.
  • If a return is invalid (does not meet the conditions above) we will notify you and send the items back to you.
  • After this check we will proceed with the replacement or refunds if necessary.
  • REPAIR =>for electronics, SmartBuy Kenya will have the defective item replace by our suppliers within 14 days
  • REPLACEMENT=> SmartBuy Kenya Customer Service agents would be happy to assist you in requesting a replacement item. For electronics only, dead-on-arrivals items will be considered for replacement.
  • REFUNDS=> for electronics only, dead-on-arrivals items will be considered for replacement.

Please note that for electronic items, breaking the seal voids any returns in case you change your mind or the wrong item was delivered. Please note that we will consult you if there are any changes regarding this deadline.


We aim to process refunds within 7 days from when we receive the return items at our warehouse. Replacements will be delivered within the timeline set cut in our shipping policy. To ensure your refund or replacement is successful, please

  • Contact Customer Service on or mobile to inform us of the return and refund or replacement request.
  • Confirm that the item to be returned is in original packaging is sealed (except for faulty items), and that all components are attached (no missing items).

Once the item passes a quality check at our warehouse, SmartBuy Kenya will refund the full amount paid, less any shipping charges incurred during delivery if the reason for return was a change of mind, or under a replacement according to your instructions.